This is a full-time position, 181 days per school year; 5 hrs/day (Please note that depending on when your hired days could be prorated for pay based off start date).




Operate a school bus over designated routes in accordance with time schedules, picking up and discharging students; provide safe and efficient transportation for District students to and from school, special events and field trips; perform daily inspections and operator maintenance of vehicle; assist in the loading and unloading of physically and mentally handicapped students as necessary.




• Drive a school bus over designated routes in accordance with specified time schedules and in accordance with regulations and laws related to pupil transportation in the State following specified schedules; transport students to and from school, special events and field trips.

• Pick up and discharge students, under varying weather conditions, at established bus stops; report incidents which affect the safety of students.

• Maintain bus in a safe operating condition through prescribed daily vehicle inspections and driver maintenance including cleaning windows, mirrors and bus interior; check and maintain fuel, oil and water levels; check brakes, brake lights and doors; report mechanical defects and malfunctions to appropriate personnel.

• Maintain order and discipline among students on bus following District policies and procedures regarding disciplining of students and contact with school officials, parents and the public; interact with parents regarding questions, concerns and disputes.

• Perform emergency bus evacuation drills as required by Kentucky Administration Regulations.

• Transport physically handicapped and mentally handicapped children to and from designated locations; lift and secure wheel chairs; assist in the loading and unloading of handicapped children as necessary.

• Observe applicable local, State and federal policies, procedures and guidelines.

• Fuel and clean exterior and interior of buses including picking up debris, sweeping and mopping floor, wiping upholstery and cleaning headlights.

• Maintain records concerning vehicle maintenance, miles driven and number of children transported and other related matters; prepare student conduct, incident and accident reports.

• Attend safety and preventive emergency meetings when required.

• Utilize two-way radio for bus to bus and bus to base communication.

• Perform first aid according to established guidelines and procedures.

• Perform related duties as assigned.






• Safe driving practices.

• Provisions of the State Motor Vehicle code and Kentucky Administration Regulations applicable to the operation of vehicles transporting students.

• First aid practices.

• Interpersonal skills using tact, patience and courtesy.




• Maintain regular and predictable attendance.

• Operate a school bus over designated routes in accordance with time schedules, picking up and discharging students.

• Maintain order and discipline among students while driving a school bus.

• Maintain assigned vehicle in a clean and safe operating condition.

• Recognize equipment malfunctions and take appropriate action.

• Learn designated bus routes including stops and traffic hazards.

• Maintain routine records.

• Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.

• Understand and follow oral and written directions.

• Meet schedules and time lines.

• Communicate effectively both orally and in writing.

• Learn, apply and explain rules, regulations, policies and procedures.

• Observe legal and defensive driving practices.

• Assist in loading and unloading handicapped children as necessary.





Any combination equivalent to:  high school diploma, G.E.D. Certificate or demonstrated progress toward obtaining a G.E.D. as required by Kentucky Law and one year experience in operation of a motor vehicle.  




Valid Kentucky Commercial Class B driver’s license, including passenger endorsement; School Bus Certificate; must pass driving record check.